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Heat Transfer Material for Fabrics Guide

Posted by adamyukish on March 30, 2009

Choosing the right Heat Transfer Material is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your business.  Knowing which materials will work on the fabrics you are applying to is just as important. 

I’ve created a chart to help you determine what fabrics our various Spectra Heat Transfer Materials are made for.  I also added the file below into the Box on the left toolbar.  Different screen resolutions may make this appear differently then it should.

                                                                          Spectra Material Applications
     Cotton  Polyester   Cotton/Poly Non-Woven  Nylon     Woven  Nylon      Poly/Mesh    Performance         (Poly)     Leather
Spectra Alloy       X        X             X          
Spectra Color Reflect       X        X             X         X        X          X            X           X
Spectra Cut       X        X             X          
Spectra Cut Plus               X        X          X             X
Spectra Cut II       X        X             X                  X  
Spectra Eco-Film       X        X             X              X            X  
Spectra Eco-Film Electric       X        X             X              X            X  
Spectra Eco-Film Mesh       X        X             X              X            X  
Spectra Eco-Film Plus                X               X
Spectra Fashion Flock       X        X             X              X    
Spectra Faux Twill       X        X             X              X            X  
Spectra Foil       X        X             X          
Spectra Flock       X        X             X              X    
Spectra Glitz       X        X             X              X            X  
Spectra Glowz       X        X             X              X            X  
Spectra Megatallic       X        X             X              X            X  
Spectra Patterns       X         X             X              X            X  
Spectra Reflect       X        X             X              X            X  
Spectra Reflect Plus                X       X          X            X  
Spectra Sub-Stop       X        X             X              X            X  


If there are any questions regarding this chart, the material applications or anything else, please leave a comment below or Email Me.


4 Responses to “Heat Transfer Material for Fabrics Guide”

  1. Ernesto Silva said

    differences between Spectra Cut and Eco-Film? I do tees and athletic jereseys.

  2. adamyukish said

    Good question Ernesto. There are a few differences in the materials. For starters, the Eco-Film is a bit thinner than the Spectra Cut, giving it a softer hand and making it light weight. Eco-Film is also a better option for multi-color applications because of the ease of use, flexible application instructions and the ability to hot peel (time saving). The 60 colors that are available in Eco-Film are unmatched.

    Spectra Cut is a fine alternative for a less expensive material option. As long as you are ok with a bit of a thicker transfer (not always a bad thing), cold peel and a few other things that keep it from being quite as good of a material, the Spectra Cut will work fine.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. Ernesto Silva said

    Great…thanks for the quick response!

  4. adnan said

    we are facing some problems og dye migration .our product is heat transfer labels and paste on polyester fabric. after few days of pasting the color will be bleed. kindly if you have any material or solution kindly contact with me at my below email.

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