About Me

Hello fellow Garment Decoration Professionals.  My name is Adam Yukish, General Manager of Imprintables.com.  I am very knowledgeable about all the products I represent and the various other products in the industry.  The purpose of this blog is strictly to educate and help you in your business.

I have been in the industry working with Imprintables since 2002.  We work in a unique industry with a diverse set of customers.  I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experiences with all of you!

If I had to pick a specialty, I’d pick Heat Applied Materials, Heat Presses and Vinyl Cutters. I can help you with how to use them and how to choose them. I’m also very knowledgeable on the Printer/Cutters such as the Roland Versacamm and the software that goes along with it. Imprintables offers a selection of Sign materials.  We hope to spread to the garment decoration industry, or anyone that’s personalizing apparel with a vinyl cutter or printer/cutter, the value of offering a sign or decal, along with a personalized garment.

If at any time you have any questions about anything I post or any other topic about our industry, please leave a message below, or email me at adam@imprintables.com.


  1. Hello Adam,
    I like your blog and hope it makes a difference for both your visitors as well as your career. Few are more knowledgeable at what you do and if you pay me more I will certainly write even more lies.

    Just kidding. I remember eaves dropping on some of your demonstrations at shows and especially at the mini trade show in Cleveland last year. try as I might, NOT to learn anyhting new it was really difficult because you explained everything so well.

    I’ve posted a link at my blog and you are certainly welcome to do the same for me on yours but since mine is primarily a goof-off site you may not be able to link me.

    It’s quite alright, I understand as this blog has a wealth of info here and I would not want you to have your visitors hat-up and split after seeing mine!


    Take Care As I Do Wish You Well,

  2. Hi Adam! I read the “Pimpin’ Shirts, Imprintables Style” in the July/Aug ’09 Promowear Magazine and it links to here. Love this website and the information. I’ve had an old heat trans machine since ’95, and I still use it monthly to make a custom T for a friend, or a canvas tote as a ‘thank you!’ for a customer. I’ve purchased from Imprintables Warehouse for years. Not much, but a bit here and there.

    This site, as well as pimpashirt.com, makes me want to dust off the Ol’ Gal and try my hand at our Higher Graphics logo in silver and blue foils, with some of the adhesive-look effects.

    Amongst others, we also have a Gerber Edge… can you tell me if we can utilize that technology on any of the heat transfer vinyls?

    We’re in Tampa, so if you need “insider’s local info” prior to the Tampa Show in Sept., let me know. We’ll see you there!

    ~Karen W.

    1. Hello Karen,

      Thank you for the comment and the info on your business. I’m glad the websites maintained by myself and the other reps at Imprintables Warehouse have helped you in your business.

      As far as the Gerber Edge is concerned, you can use the machine to print on to heat transfer vinyls. The product you will want to use is the Spectra Colorprint offered by Imprintables Warehouse. Colorprint is heat transfer material that can be printed with either resin or solvent inks. It will be a great fit for you!

      Thanks again.


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