Here is a list of the commonly used Industry Terms.  It can get kind of confusing sometimes.  If there’s a term you’ve heard and you’re not sure exactly what it means, let me know and I’ll be sure to add it.  I’m currently adding terms as they come up in my posts.

CAD-CUT®- Common industry term referring to a rolled good that is run through a vinyl cutter. CAD-CUT® can be heat applied to many different types of fabrics.
Syn.Heat Applied Film, Heat Applied Vinyl

Design Software – A software that helps you create any type of artwork from scratch and/or edit already created artwork. Commonly used Design Softwares include Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and Cadworx.

Hand- The feel of a transfer once it is applied to a substrate. Typically referred to as “Soft”, “Stiff”, “Light” or “Heavy”.

Heat Applied Vinyl – Typically a rolled good, Heat Applied Vinyl is a material run through a vinyl cutter to create heat transfers.

Heat Press- A machine that is made to seal a transfer onto a substrate using accurate Time, Temperature and Pressure. Heat presses come in various models and sizes. The most common models are Swingers and Clamshells. Typical sizes are 11×15, 16×16 and 16×20. Heat presses are also made for application onto Caps and Mugs.
Syn. Heat Seal Machine, Heat Transfer Press

Mirrored – A reversed image, usually with the help of a Design Software. Mirrored images are usually used with Heat Applied Vinyls and Transfer Paper for light goods.

Names & Numbers – Player Names and corresponding Numbers that are placed on uniforms, jerseys or any type of athletic apparel.

Weeding – The process of removing excess material from a cut Heat Applied Material transfer.


  1. hey adam your vids on youtube are amazing, i have been intrested in starting a t shirt bizz for a long while and have found that the heat press is my preferred method. I am new to this bizz but have been in marketing and social media for a while so im hoping i can bring a great awareness to this new venture… theres a lot of info out there and I would like to know if you could answer these questions for me when you get a sec.

    1) other than the heat press which of course i need, what else is reccomended besides transfer paper?
    2) what are my best options as far as transfer paper? i want great quality so my customers keep coming back but i dont want to break my self and not have a great return on investment either
    3) would it be wise for me to invest in a printer for my transfer paper eventually or is it more realistic to outsource my print jobs and transfer paper all in one place?

    if there is any other info you could give me it would be highly appreciated im purchasing the 15×15 heat press from thanks to you!

    andre mckay

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