Moving Fashion Forward

The Heat Applied Material Market is ever-changing.  Proof of that is wide range of new materials that is available from the company that I work for, Imprintables Warehouse.  If you haven’t seen it yet, we’re launching a new marketing campaign titled “Spectra Goes Hollywood”.  The first ad can be seen in the November issue of Printwear Magazine and has already generated an astounding response.  Imprintables Warehouse is the industry leader in bringing more Heat Applied Materials to the market that  cater as much to the Fashion Industry as any other. 

Today’s economy doesn’t allow you to have tunnel vision or become complacent.  You have to be proactive in finding new business.  Do you know the easiest way to do that?  Sell more to your existing customers.  Offer them more products, more options. 

A large portion of the Heat Applied Material Users are extremely focused.  I’m not one to say this is a bad thing, necessarily, but why not branch out into other areas?  Say you’re a Sports Shop doing a lot of Names & Numbers.  Does that Football or Basketball Team have a Cheer leading Squad, Dance Team or Spirit Squad?  Why not offer them custom decoration as well?  Odds are they’ll want something a little more flashy than the standard Red, White and Blue that’s on the players uniforms. 

The funny thing about consumers is that they usually want to see it before they buy it.  A great way to generate interest in any new product is to show your consumers just what it is that they’re getting.  You’ll see later in the post a few pictures showing you the materials.  My bet is that won’t be good enough for you or your customer so I’m willing to send out samples of the materials for you to try.  Just email me at with your info and the material that you’re interested in and I’ll be happy to send out your free sample.

A break down of the materials follows: 

Spectra Alloy

Spectra Alloy is similar to the Foil that is currently offered by Imprintables Warehouse.  One of the differences is the Alloy is a bit thinner.  Also, the Alloy isn’t offered as a Sparkle finish the way some of the Foils are.  Alloy is a more flexible option with a new color offering.  Anyone currently using the Foils should also give the Alloy a try. 

Spectra Glitz 

Have you had inquiries about an extreme glitter custom decoration?  If so, Spectra Glitz is the product you’ve been waiting for.  I know that sounds like a cheesy intro, but the shoe sure does fit!  The Glitz is another option that is similar, yet still different from Spectra Megatallic.  Glitz is full-on Glitter.  You know how you used to put some glue on paper in Kindergarten and then throw some glitter on top?  Imagine that on a shirt, only a lot less messy.

Fashion Flock


Up until the Fashion Flock was introduced, Flock has been a little boring and one dimensional.  Now, there is a selection of colors to choose from giving you many different options.  Flock is really an underrated material.  For the Fashion Market, it’s great!  A raised appearance, soft hand, 3D type look can be very popular.  All you have to do is show it!

Spectra Glowz


How about a Glow in the Dark Material?  That’s what you get with the new Spectra Glowz.  Glow in the Dark materials can be used year round.  What are the possible markets?  Bars or Night Clubs, Trick or Treating (there’s always next year), accent to another type of custom decoration, etc. 

What are your ideas?  Leave your comments below.


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