Cutting Twill with the GX-24

UPDATE:  For anyone that is interested, there will be an oncore performance of the Cutting Twill webinar given by my co-worker, Josh Ellsworth on Feb 24 and Feb 25.  Please follow This Link to sign up for or see additional information on this free webinar. 



Cutting Twill with the Roland GX-24 is pretty simple.  I’ve created a step-by-step for you to follow to fully understand the process. 

You’ll need the following:

    • Roland GX-24
    • Cut Studio Design Software (included with the GX-24)
    • Imprintables Twill Stitch Pro
    • 60 Degree Carbide Blade
    • Pressure Sensitive Poly-Twill

Here’s the process:


  • Import your artwork into Cut Studio.   You can import .eps or .ai files directly into Cut Studio.  If you currently use Corel Draw or Illustrator, you can also use the Cut Studio Plug-In to bring the artwork directly in.
  • Make sure your design is NOT mirrored.  Unlike the standard Heat Applied Materials that you are accustomed to cutting, Poly-Twill is cut in the positive. 
  • Make sure your design is sized the way you want it.  You will not be able to change the size after you cut!
  • On the GX-24, make sure you do a test cut to check cutting depth.  You’ll want to put the 60 degree blade in there before doing your test cut. 
  • In Cut Studio, Click on “Cutting” icon that’s on the top tool bar.  On the cutting dialog box that pops up, click “OK”.
  • After the design has finished cutting, take the material off of the machine and weed away the excess material.


  • Back in the Cut Studio software, take the same design and again click on the “Cutting” icon.
  • This time, make sure the “Print to File” box is checked and then click “OK”.
  • Change the “Save As Type” to All Files.  When naming your file, put a .plt on the end of the file name ex. adamyukish.plt.  Once named, click “Save”.
  • Open up the Imprintables Twill Stitch Pro Software and start with a blank white screen.
  • Import your saved artwork into the Twill Stitch Pro.
  • You should have the “Tree View” box open on the left.  Right Click on the color and then scroll down to “Convert To”.  Arrow over to “Tackle Twill”.  This will put place the stitches on your design. 
    • Note that you can also add a placement line and tack down line and change the density, inset, etc by right clicking on the selected design and going down to properties.
  • Once you have the stitches the way you want them, you’re ready to create your sew disk.  Click on “File” and then “Save As”.  There are many different extensions to pick from.  Make sure you choose the one that matches up to your embroidery machine. 

This wraps up the cutting and design side of creating your own appliques using the GX-24.  All that’s left is to use the cut twill and the digitized file to finish it off. 

A video showing this process will be coming, it will be a little redundant, but sometimes visual is more effective than reading.

If there are any questions, let me know!

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