Heat Press Vinyl – Material Calculator


How much Heat Press Vinyl do you need to fill the job that you just got in?  To help you figure it out, I’ve created a tool that will give you an estimate of how much material you need for your job, the recommended order amount, how much that roll will cost you and the cost per piece.  You can create an order right from the spreadsheet to send in if you so choose.  This isn’t a square inch price but actually the cost of each design including waste.

Download the Material Calculator Here

If there are any questions at all on how to use the material calculator, please leave the comment below or email me and let me know.


  1. I downloaded the material calculator but am unable to access it as it is a protected workbook and a password is needed. Can I get the password?


  2. I had emailed this to Lynn previously but I thought it would be best to post it as well in case anyone else has a similar concern.

    “Hello Lynn,

    The worksheet is locked except for the cells that you put your design size and number of designs needed in. You shouldn’t need a password to use that portion of the calculator.

    Also, on the “Place Order” page, you can enter the color that you would like to purchase and your info. Everything else should be calculated for you.

    I hope this helps you. If you continue to have problems, please email me or call me at 1-800-347-0068.”

  3. I downloaded the caculator also and its very handy, although I don’t use Spectra that much, mostly eco-film. Is there a way to modify the cells to use with eco-film?


    1. Hello Vicki,

      I’ve been working on it. The Print/Cut Calculator is a little more involved than the Material Calculator. Different roll sizes, widths, etc. I hope to have something up soon.

  4. I noticed that if you are trying to open this with openoffice (an open source office program) it says it is protected and will not open but if you are using microsoft products it does work. Looks good and will prove useful in quoting products. Thanks for posting this.

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