High School Sports Uniform Guidelines

I just came across an interesting article about a basketball team that was penalized for their uniforms.  The team received a technical foul and the opposing team made one of two free throws before the game even started.  You probably didn’t have to read the article to know what the deciding margin of this playoff game was.

I started wondering how many of my customers where aware of what could and couldn’t be placed on a uniform.  How many decorators know that the numbers on a Football Uniform must be 8″ on the front of the jersey and 10″ on the back?  Did you know a number border width on a baseball uniform is 1/4″?  Not all rules are this strict but there are many ranges that must be adhered to.

The National Federation of State High School Associations is the governing body of High School Sports.  The information above was obtained from their NFHS Uniform Rules Summary.  Make sure you check out the site so even if the school you’re working with isn’t aware of the rules, you are.  NFHS also has a list of the Member State Associations.  There you’ll be able to find the contact information and website for your State.  Some States may have rules in addition to what is set up by the NFHS.


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