The More Things Change…

The more they stay the same? I guess that can be true.

I’ve been out of the Garment Decoration Industry for nearly 5 years now. What’s new?

DTG is still here and looks to be improved.

Heat presses are largely the same

HTV materials are largely the same

DTF? What’s that? That’s new.

I’m back in the industry with a company I’m familiar with – All American Print Supply Co. All American was a name in the DTG space when I left. Now, they’re THE name. I should say, WE’RE the name. I’m excited to join the team!

I’ve only seen a little of the DTF, but I’m hooked. The ability to print fine detail without weeding is amazing.

  • Full color
  • Stretchability
  • Soft hand
  • Durability

What am I missing? Is there any reason this isn’t the way to go?

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