Heat Applied Material

High School Sports Uniform Guidelines

I just came across an interesting article about a basketball team that was penalized for their uniforms.  The team received a technical foul and the opposing team made one of two free throws before the game even started.  You probably didn’t have to read the article to know what the deciding margin of this playoff game was.

I started wondering how many of my customers where aware of what could and couldn’t be placed on a uniform.  How many decorators know that the numbers on a Football Uniform must be 8″ on the front of the jersey and 10″ on the back?  Did you know a number border width on a baseball uniform is 1/4″?  Not all rules are this strict but there are many ranges that must be adhered to.

The National Federation of State High School Associations is the governing body of High School Sports.  The information above was obtained from their NFHS Uniform Rules Summary.  Make sure you check out the site so even if the school you’re working with isn’t aware of the rules, you are.  NFHS also has a list of the Member State Associations.  There you’ll be able to find the contact information and website for your State.  Some States may have rules in addition to what is set up by the NFHS.


Heat Transfer Material for Fabrics Guide

Choosing the right Heat Transfer Material is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your business.  Knowing which materials will work on the fabrics you are applying to is just as important. 

I’ve created a chart to help you determine what fabrics our various Spectra Heat Transfer Materials are made for.  I also added the file below into the Box on the left toolbar.  Different screen resolutions may make this appear differently then it should.

                                                                          Spectra Material Applications
     Cotton  Polyester   Cotton/Poly Non-Woven  Nylon     Woven  Nylon      Poly/Mesh    Performance         (Poly)     Leather
Spectra Alloy       X        X             X          
Spectra Color Reflect       X        X             X         X        X          X            X           X
Spectra Cut       X        X             X          
Spectra Cut Plus               X        X          X             X
Spectra Cut II       X        X             X                  X  
Spectra Eco-Film       X        X             X              X            X  
Spectra Eco-Film Electric       X        X             X              X            X  
Spectra Eco-Film Mesh       X        X             X              X            X  
Spectra Eco-Film Plus                X               X
Spectra Fashion Flock       X        X             X              X    
Spectra Faux Twill       X        X             X              X            X  
Spectra Foil       X        X             X          
Spectra Flock       X        X             X              X    
Spectra Glitz       X        X             X              X            X  
Spectra Glowz       X        X             X              X            X  
Spectra Megatallic       X        X             X              X            X  
Spectra Patterns       X         X             X              X            X  
Spectra Reflect       X        X             X              X            X  
Spectra Reflect Plus                X       X          X            X  
Spectra Sub-Stop       X        X             X              X            X  


If there are any questions regarding this chart, the material applications or anything else, please leave a comment below or Email Me.


Spectra Patterns

Anyone that currently offers vinyl cut materials knows your color options are limited.  You’re able to offer single color or layer multiple colors to get the effect you want.  While layering will work just fine, you can only do it so many times before the design gets to be what I like to call “bullet proof”.  Obviously this is when the design is so thick on the garment that it feels like you can take a bullet (don’t try this at home).  I’ll typically use that terminology when discussing competitors materials with my customers, but even the materials I represent at IW can get heavy if you layer them to many times. 

About a year ago, Imprintables Warehouse introduced Spectra Patterns.  The feedback from customers has been outstanding.  Have you tried them?  The look and feel is very comparable to what you are used to and expect from the other products offered by IW.  We started out with an impressive number of 21 Patterns including unique looks like Pink Camo, Tye-Dye, Houndstooth, various Plaids and our (surprisingly) best seller, Zebra.  Since then we’ve increased our offering to 30, including seasonal patterns (Snowflakes, Kiss Me, Hearts), new twists on existing materials and some brand new materials like the Skull and Giraffe Patterns.

The ability to customize existing Spectra Patterns or come up with your own designs is also revolutionary.  Until now, you would need more expensive equipment to have the ability to create these effects.  Now, there is only a small set up fee and creating the artwork that stands in your way.  If you need it, we can help you create the artwork.  Custom Patterns are available for an extra fee but are considered a stock Pattern after the initial order!